Valhalla boss thanks fans, gives update on seasons 2 and 3

In its first eight episodes, Vikings: Valhalla introduced us to its three main protagonists: Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson) and Harald Hardrada (Leo Suter). We also got plenty of of battles and twists and turns along the way. But season 1 is nothing compared to what’s coming.

The other day, Netflix officially announced that Valhalla was returning for two additional seasons. Not that we didn’t know it already, since the streamer ordered 24 episodes to begin with. The spinoff has made waves since premiering last month. In its first nine days, it racked up 194 million hours of viewership and was a Netflix top 10 show across 90 countries.

In Netflix’s press release confirming the renewal, creator Jeb Stuart thanked everyone for making the spinoff a huge success:

Fans of Valhalla — THANK YOU to the millions of you who have watched (and rewatched!) Season One. The numbers have been mind-boggling and beyond my wildest expectations.  I’m thrilled to be able to confirm that we wrapped and are already editing Season Two and that production will start soon on Season Three.  While the storylines for Leif, Freydis, Harald, Olaf, Canute and the rest of our amazing cast are secret, I can say without hesitation that their journeys will be even more epic than what you’ve seen so far. SKÅL!!!

Season 2 is already in post-production. The press release says the new season is “expected to return to Netflix audiences around the world in 2023.” Season 3 is set to begin production this spring.

Vikings: Valhalla star teases her dead character’s return

In true Vikings fashion, Valhalla delivered tons of shocks, including the surprise death of Kattegat’s Jarl Haakon (Caroline Henderson) in the season finale.

Fans were left stunned when Haakon was swiftly and unexpectedly killed off during the battle of Kattegat, despite seeming like a character with a fair amount of plot armor. However, don’t forget about her just yet, since we may see her again. “We don’t really know that [she won’t be back],” Henderson told Metro. “She might turn up as a ghost or something.”

Valhalla has already seen one dead character return: the Seer (John Kavanagh). The Seer was in the original Vikings series. Even after being killed by Ivar, he appears in visions several times. In Valhalla, he shows up in Uppsala on two separate occasions. The Vikings franchise isn’t shy about including fantastical elements such as ghosts, visions, and whatnot. So who’s to say Haakon won’t appear again? Henderson definitely seems down for it to happen!

Vikings: Valhalla season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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